The cost-effective and reliable solution to all your loading problems.

The cost-effective and reliable solution to all your loading problems.

If there is one versatile machine, it’s the forklift. You can use this machine in a wide range of applications, industries and locations, making it one of the must-haves for any job. The loading and lifting power that you get can help speed up almost every task. Additionally, you can also make your workplace much safer with the help of the forklift. However, buying a forklift might not be up to everyone’s alley. Machinery can often be pretty expensive, and so it can be difficult to arrange such a large amount of money. However, there is one way that you can get your forklift, and that is by buying second-hand. You may be a bit sceptical about this, but we’re here to put all your doubts to rest. If you’re interested, keep reading below to learn just how getting a used forklift is the best things for your worksite

Get great service 

Forklifts are known for being heavy-duty workhorses. They have been lifting, carrying and moving things in warehouses, industrial sites, and construction sites ever since they were invented in the previous century. Used forklifts are much the same, and these machines are so reliable that their service isn’t impacted much even if they have been used before. If you choose to work with a reliable provider like Flexilift, you can be sure that even these new-to-you forklifts will last you years more to come. When getting used or refurbished forklifts, you can choose sizes and whether the machine is diesel or petrol, or hydrostatic or electrically powered. You can also get a site survey to let professionals assess just what kind of forklift your business would be best suited with.  

Make great savings 

Perhaps one of the few issues with forklifts is that their value depreciates quickly. A second-hand forklift loses its value much like a car – the second you start using it. So, a lot of second-hand forklifts you might find on the market may not have been used so much, to begin with. Newer forklifts can often have soaring high prices, which can be a tricky investment to justify. A second-hand forklift is at least half the price of a new one, and in most cases, they are gently used and often refurbished as well. If you want to invest smartly and make significant savings, opt for a second hand forklift in Melbourne. This can increase your buying power as well, as you can get two forklifts for the price of one! You also have a wider choice of options, as there are many more older models available compared to newer ones.  

Ease of use for drivers 

Many of the newer forklift models have a lot of new features that can be difficult for drivers to get the hang of. We want our forklift service to be as smooth as possible, but at times this isn’t possible because of newer features. Second-hand forklifts, on the other hand, often are the older models that our drivers are already used to using. This can mean that there is no adjustment period and no accidents as well. Furthermore, forklift service is also improved by the fact that all second-hand forklifts are rechecked for any issues by professionals so that they perform the best. Overall, for smooth forklift service based in Melbourne and significant savings, you should opt for a used forklift. A used forklift also has much simpler maintenance, and most come with warranties as well. 


When buying a used forklift, exercise caution. Work with only the most reliable providers to get a forklift that can take up the primary workload of your worksite at a great price. At Flexilift, you can find just that. They are a reliable name in material-handling solutions, and in their vast catalogue, you can find a wide range of used forklifts of all brands. Every one of their products is built to ensure the maximum amount of safety and efficiency, and you can find price ranges that can cater to everyone. Additionally, they also have brand new forklifts if you choose to invest in those. Overall, they are reliable providers of forklifts across the country, so make your workspace safer by working with them.  

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