Skill Certified is in Australia. It has a partnership with Registered Training Organisations to offer you the prime opportunity to shift your worthy experience into an internationally recognised degree or qualification via Recognition of Prior Learning.  


Before awarding you any license or certificate, we screen the applicants through these four steps. 

1- Talk about your goals, plans, and passions. This will help us to evaluate you better and further. Once your passion and skills are assessed the Skills Certified will guide you about the qualifications needed to pursue your goal.  

2- Bring your experience portfolio. Our passionate consultant will assist you through this process after considering your portfolio. This might be including transcripts, overseas qualifications, videos and photos, certificates, work examples, samples, reference letters, and updated resume, etc. 

3- Once your shreds of evidence will be reviewed, your assigned accessor will contact you in case of further needed pieces of evidence. RTO will assign a free cost trainer to work on your weaker areas and improving it further. 

4- Skills Certified is Registered with RTO whose qualifications are internationally recognised. These qualifications are like your full-time study. These qualifications will be needed for immigration purposes or licensing. 

Commercial Cookery IV Certificate 

Gain required experience today with Skills Certified and get a certificate iv commercial cookery. This certificate will be showcasing the individual’s knowledge and experience as a commercial chef. This will also help you to get a chance of supervision and leading your kitchen team. Commercial cookers enjoy the perks of independence work without outward hindrances and manipulate their discretion to find the best possible solutions for out of the blue challenges. Once you get your hands on this certificate, the roles of chef or chef the parties will be on your table. 

There is the ease in getting the qualifications as you can train anywhere in Australia. These qualifications are internationally valued. After providing the evidence you can get your certificate within weeks. You are requested to provide the shreds of evidence like ID, payslips, resume, transcripts, reference letters, task list of kitchen stations, cleaning, booking, and appointment scheduling, procedures, and policies, etc. 

We are reputable and assures customer’s gratification. Before electing us, go and check the testimonial section. Additionally, you can get a free quote today.  

Trade Licensing 

Flattering a licensed tradesperson stands as a significant part of establishing your status and gratifying your customer that are you are up to mark. Improved skills are the basic step of getting a license. The Skills Certified offers you a chance to get the skillset and qualifications for getting the required license.  

Construction and building are the third- largest commercial zone in Australia. It offers employment to a 9% workforce of the country on temp and permanent basis. This number will outreach in the future. Thus, if you want to get your hands-on trade license then reach us. 

The Requirements for Licence 

There are few of the things needed for a license as in equivalent diploma, minimal 2 years’ experience. This process can be time taking. RPL assists you with a cost-effective, legitimate solution to showcase your competency. RPL demands no classroom attendees or exams but offers you an opportunity of qualification. Those with no experience are needed to go through all the basic procedures to get this license.  

This builders license in QLD is a must-have to work with builders, carry and building projects, submitting quotes or bids, and signing big contracts. An unlicensed person who will abandon the law will be punished with significant penalties according to state policy, furthermore, will not be entertained to apply for any license in the future. 

Apply for License 

There are certificates or diplomas for it. The qualifications and requirements vary from state to state. The experience pieces of evidence will be required. Your work preferences will be reviewed. The experienced and practical builders who are beholding skills and knowledge will be assessed and granted the qualifications. Rather than the beginners must complete the required qualifications again. 

This is a trusted place with an experienced team to equip you with the required expertise. We assure you to pass a grant the certificates and diplomas on merits. Thus, if you are finding a reliable place with global associations you are in the right place. Start with us today. 

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