Securing the Space and Add Elegance

Securing the Space and Add Elegance

This world is so full of beauty and charm. Thus, humans get attracted to beauty naturally. Other than natural beauty there is man created charm too. The humans add or extract different things into the surroundings to make it aesthetic. When we build home, the prime focus is to secure it not only from invaders and prey but the harsh weather as well. We long for the most elegant spaces too.  We long for security and looking for the best solutions to transform the space. There might be an old corner in the home which needs transformation. Do you want to add value to your home? It happens when you keenly look for better solutions and designs. 

Here the Greater Western Shades says you welcome with a wider assortment of services starting from designing your environment to adding value into your home. The office is located in Penrith, Higher Street. It’s the committed fashion shop gallery. This one-step stop offers you the Luxaflex’s entire range of window draper for inside and outdoor covering. Their product range includes blinds, awnings, sun shields, blinds but focusing on innovation and beauty. The durability is claimed by using cutting edge technologies and designs. 

Stop and Stare 

Are you after the colourful curtains for a home? We offer a range of fabric including Mokum and Netterx. We have a specialty in providing a roller shutter based in Penrith with a fire rating. The Greater Western Shades claim to come forth as Australian’s top and most trusted manufacturing company.  


  • Shutters 
  • Shades and blinds 
  • Awning 
  • Drapes and curtain 
  • Roller shutter 
  • Wallpapers 

All these above-listed services are proudly offered by us. The contact details are also mentioned here to reach out to our team. You can contact me anytime to reach and tell us about your problems. Our squad will be pleased to help you. 

Prime Roller Shutter for Household from Penrith to the Blue Mountains 

We guarantee to offer the topmost, advanced, and best roller shutter. These are made up of chief quality components and supreme quality Aluminium could and in partnership with international partners.  The quality and continuity of the product are claimed. We undertake the feedback. This product has excellent paint finishes to cope up with the harsh Australian environment. The roller shutters not only provide security but assist you in saving energy, which adds value to your place. This adds the effect of insulation in which home feels warmer in winter and coolest in summer. 

The Far-Off Supplies of The Product 

We have three decades of work experience and we offer a guarantee as well. All the quality check is assured before dispatching the products. The company offers all the best products to their customer. From blue mountain ranges to Penrith, we have a lot number of happy customers who love to get back and in contact with us.  

These lasting, durable, and realisable roller coaster looks great and withstands the extreme conditions. It protects the house in wind, storm, or any outbreak of fire in older and higher suburbs. We get your hands on your customised product with the belief of providing the aesthetic product, safety, and security of your home. A whole variety of roller coaster is available. 

Painting the walls 

Walls bring the best look and better representation. Here at a store, a range of extremely elegant designs is available. There is a widest assortment of printed designed wallpaper in Penrith.  These wallpapers to change your room and giving it an aesthetic finishing. The chic wallpapers with contemporary alternative and graphics are used to cast an outstanding mural, photography based, and printed designs for your space. From large to small florals the extensive range is here to offer you a wider variety to choose in between. From modern funky kids’ rooms to extremely elegant old room designs, we help to update all the spaces. 

Pick Up the Phone 

Just pick up the phone, or drive to the store. Have conversations with our team and let them know about what do you need? Let the team guide and help you further so you entertain yourself with supreme services. We cover a whole lot of range. Thus, we are your one-step store offering you the best solutions and ultimate designs for your space.  

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