6 main types of drafting services used by drafting companies.

6 main types of drafting services used by drafting companies.

Drafting companies in Melbourne acts as a bridge between engineering a project and its implementation. Any project can never be implemented without its initial draft, drafting services provide with raw designing and mapping of the structure which an engineer and an architect would complete with each and every detailing of the location, area, structure, size, internal systems etc. There are so many types of drafting services offered by many drafting companies which includes architectural drafting, civil drafting, mechanical drafting, electrical drafting, aeronautical drafting, and marine drafting. Let’s study one by one each different type of drafting services used by companies. 

Architectural Drafting 

Drafting companies mainly provides architectural maps and drawings for different buildings and big construction projects including houses, plazas, malls etc. These designs can be for exterior as well as interior projects. These companies have strong links with architects, designers, contractors, and manufacturers of the materials. CAD drafting companies offers number of services including digital prints of 2D into 3D and vice versa. The main architectural designs includes floor mapping, site plan, layout, cross-section, elevation and detail.  

Civil Drafting 

Civil drafting includes designs and maps of sewerage systems, water pipes, electricity wirings, and flood control etc. these drafts help a lot in detailing of data grading, as well as landscaping of site elements. Topographic maps used by engineers and builders are also made using civil drafting technique. These service providers usually work with state developers. Most contractors and civil engineers supervise infrastructure with latest and modern drafting technologies. 

Mechanical Drafting 

This type of drafting is done by mechanical engineers solely for the purpose of drawing manufacturing power-driven products like cars, tools etc. Mechanical drafting cannot be performed without having a thorough knowledge about dimensions of these products, their structure, details, and method of assembling. Things to keep in mind in mechanical drafting are dimensions, sections, assembly, cross-sectional views etc. Mechanical engineers work with companies involved in the manufacturing of machines, automobiles, cars etc. 

Electrical Drafting 

Electrical drafting companies as name suggests works with electrical engineers and electricians for the drawings of multiple and complex wiring systems in electronic supplies such as cable wirings, big power plants, electric hubs, and multi storey buildings for underground wiring.Electrical engineers also design electronic products mechanisms like straighteners, iron, tv etc. loop drafting, and flow charts are main elements to be designed by electrical drafters in electrical drafting. 

Aeronautical drafting 

Whenever we hear the word aeronautical we all know that it has everything to do with airspace. Aeronautical engineers drafts plans for airborne vehicles such as aero planes, helicopters, and even rockets. Initiating from the layout to the whole structure of the craft is designed by aeronautical drafting companies and for that purpose their collaboration with both civilians and air force specialists is very much. They make technical plans for the whole aeronautical industry. 

Marine Drafting 

Marine drafting companies makes whole structural designs and maps for marines and ships no matter they are sailing or merchant ships, boats, or navy marine vessels. Floor plans of ships and boats, and layout of engines and electrical and plumbing systems locations are included in drawings of marine drafting companies. Marine drafters have a thorough knowledge about floatation, hydrostatic, hydrodynamics, and stability. Small projects like fishing boats, or paddling boats designs can be easily made without engineer’s assistance. 

Without drafting companies no project can smoothly be executed through all stages of initiation till its implementation without the help of professional drafting engineers working in well-known drafting industries with years of experience and professional qualification and degree of what they have been doing for so long.  Contractors, architects, engineers all need some plan to start their work and no work can be smoothly reached to its final destination if it doesn’t have a starting and finishing plan. So don’t rush into starting your new project without any supervision and assistance. Search a little and hire the best and most suitable drafting company for your upcoming project. The above mentioned list will surely help you to stop worrying and take the first step before starting the new journey you are about to begin. 

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