As much as we love what we do, we are the pioneers and one of its kind manufacturers of luxury furnishing windows and doors. Mal Glanville & Co was established in 1975 by the Glanville family and is now a second-generation owned business being run by the family. We operate as the providers of plantation shutters in Central Coast and hunter region. We hold an extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Our team is dedicated to look for means of improvement in our products and the services we provide. We keep the needs and the requirements of our customers before anything else. We are backed by the ideal and high-quality supplier of the prerequisites in the field from Colonial Castings, Oz Roll and other well-known names of the market. 


Plantation shutters are a changeless assembly of window installation and added covering, normally including a casing consisting of the parts of upstanding stiles and level rails. Among all the different varieties and types of plantation shutters based in Central Coast available in markets, there are two most fundamental and board accessible designs available are: strong boards or Louver boards, being the most well-known choices in shutters in Newcastle. Plantation shutters are low maintenance, low cost and high-ethically pleasing assembly for bettering the overall show of the house with contrasted with beautiful blinds and curtains. Strong board window screens stand by their name and are totally and completely strong without any louvers, regularly found in period, offshore and recorded properties. Even though the louver board screens come with several louvers supports, they come in different sizes and shapes and with a higher accessibility of making the overall assembly as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  

Aside from wood, these screens are additionally accessible in vinyl and composite, which is also called counterfeit, built or fake wood. Obviously, the ones produced using wood is the costliest alternative while vinyl is most economical. Wood shades are the most recommendable also because of high strength and solidness. Basswood is particularly the norm. It has the best solidarity to weight apportion for example it is lightweight yet unfathomably solid simultaneously. These screens are lovely paying little mind to what material you pick. They give a great dressing to the windows in your home or loft while effectively fitting into even the most extraordinary of insides. If you need the best covers for your windows that keep going for a considerable length of time, at that point these are exceptionally recommended. 


Following are some of the remarkable benefits of plantation shutters that you can take advantage of if you install a plantation shutter assembly at your home. 

  1. Plantation shutters serve as a great source of saving your home from hot airs of the summer season and keeping the house warm from the breezes of the winter season. 
  1. Even though all the modern houses are installed with modern security system, shutters in Newcastle provide an extra layer of privacy and security to you home. They also help save the home from unwanted attention and eves dropping. 
  1. All the rooms need to have effective ventilation in order to keep it liveable. To serve the purpose, plantation shutters can be installed in order to provide effective ventilation to the rooms. 
  1. Plantation shutters can be adjusted in order to control the extend of light entering the room. The light plays an important part in maintaining the overall aesthetics of the room and the other parts of the house. 
  1. Plantation shutters help in maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of the room. 
  1. All the houses that a person own, have the sole purpose of ensuring comfort and liveability through ages. This is because the house is a huge investment. This is why plantation shutters have simple and timeless designs
  1. The plantation shutter assembly is designed to be versatile and help do the homework in a perfect manner. 
  1. There are variety of sizes and colours available in plantation shutters ensuring a different level of aesthetic pleasing to the house. 

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